• It is an art keeping trivia nights interesting with a good mix of audio and video, having good questions with obtainable answers. Brian Agovino brings it all together and is a master of his trade!

    Representative Justin Hill, 108th District, Missouri House of Representatives
  • By far the most fun I’ve ever had playing trivia! We use Brian for all of our trivia nights and get nothing but compliments on how much fun everyone had and how it was the coolest trivia night they’d ever been to! Highly recommend using Brian for you event!

    Jackie Bridges, Owner Mattingly's Sports Bar and Grill
  • We have had many successful trivia nights thanks to Brian, he makes it so easy he brings everything you need, sets it up and takes it down. I would highly  recommend Brian to anyone planning an event, everyone has a great time!!

    Chris Randazzo, Event coordinator Schnucks, Kehrs Mill Store
  • The most fun I’ve ever had at a Trivia Night!”, “This was the most unique style of trivia I have ever experienced…”, “I even helped answer some questions this time and didn’t feel like a complete idiot!”.   These are just a few of the praises I have heard people using to describe our Trivia nights since Brian became our emcee!

    Kathy Eisele, Mehville School Mom